Special FX

I am able to create realistic wounds - cuts, scars, scabs, bullet holes - these get asked for a lot around halloween for parties and also for photo shoots. Please note that Halloween is a very busy time of year, I am often booked over 2 months in advance.

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See below for some examples:



Below are some one-off commissions I have done for single people going to fancy dress parties.


Darth Maul Cosplay - For this costume i had to make the full set of 10 horns myself, individually sculpted and painted which took a week to do. The makeup on the day took an hour to apply and included the horns glued on with prosthetic adhesive, face paint applied to the whole head and special tooth makeup.

Captain Nero - Latex ears were bought in advance, the eyebrows were re-shaped using wax and skin coloured makeup and re-drawn, tattoos were hand painted using Reel Creations Body Ink. The black contact lenses and costume were the model's own.


Borg - I bought some electronics kits from Maplins to make this as realistic as possible - the piece on the left features a simple LED torch with a red bulb that is activated by pressing a button, this was then encased in a hand sculpted latex piece which I then painted silver and fixed on with prosthetic adhesive and added makeup and gore to give the illusion of being embedded in the head. The piece on the right was a very complex sound-activated light system with 5 red LED's which flashed in time to music, this was also encased in a hand sculpted latex piece and attached with added gore and makeup.

Nero from Star Trek


These are pictures of some Goths I made up for the 2006 annual "Crawl of the Dead" - the sight of 50 zombies terrorising the staff at McD's is one I won't forget in a hurry!

special effects zombie special effects zombie special effects zombie



Photo Shoots

In the picture below, please note the model's finger - she really does have a missing finger, I have built up the stump with special fx wax, and added a piece of chalk to look like bone and plenty of gore.



This is ideal for parties, photoshoots and other events.