Glitter Tattoos

I often get requests from people going to fancy dress parties who want to accent their costume with a face design made just for them.

They give me some ideas to work with, and I sketch some designs until I think I have come up with the exact thing they are looking for. Designs can include prosthetics, false eyelashes, crystals, glitter gels and other items. At least 2 weeks notice should be given for me to come up with the perfect design!

Please note:

Please note that Halloween is a very busy time of year, I am often booked over 2 months in advance. Click Here to check Halloween Availability 2022

I have a two-hour minimum booking time - if you want a simple design you might want to get together with a couple of friends to share costs.

I keep a small stock of items such as crystals, eyelashes, gold leaf, and can make some small prosthetic pieces myself, anything that I don't have must be ordered in advance and will be added to the fee.

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Facepaint of Alice in Wonderland, teapot, chess, cheshire cat, clockPink tiger with prosthetic nose and roses
Picture shows design process of a peacock facepaintRed hot chili pepper and tomato salsa face paint design
Ruby slipper
Emerald city
Wicked witch of the west