Henna and Jagua

Want a temporary tattoo that lasts a bit longer? Book a Henna or Jagua artist! These products are both suitable for parties, corporate events, fun days. Please fully read the information to understand how these products work. (2 hour minimum booking applies)

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The Henna paste is applied to the skin by squeezing a cone, and some very intricate designs can be produced. These can be accented by adding glitter gels. Once the henna has dried, it will flake off on it's own and leave behind a rich brown stain on the skin which will last for a couple of weeks if looked after well.

Only natural Henna is used, NEVER black henna, which contains PPD and can cause chemical burns.

Please note: I am unable to do henna wedding designs!

henna tattoo

Above: Floral design. Below: Peacock design, henna outline coloured in with Reel Ink.

Peacock henna tattoo with reel creations ink



Jagua comes from a fruit which is grown in South America, which has been used for centuries by the native population to stain their skin for ceremonial purposes. It has recently been discovered by the West, and refined into a gel which can be applied to the skin to create a dark blue stain similar to real tattoo ink.

It takes a couple of hours for the gel to dry completely, so I would advise that it only be used for older children who can be told not to touch it - if the design is smeared, it will give a smeared stain and will also stain fingers and clothes!

Once dry, the gel should be left on for as long as possible to make sure the stain will be dark and long lasting.

Please Note:

Jagua takes up to 48 hours to fully develop a stain - when the dry gel is first peeled off you may not be able to see much, if anything, of the tattoo. Over the first 12 hours the stain will slowly become visible, and continue to darken until it reaches a deep blue up to 48 hours after application. If you are intending to go to a party or event to show it off, please take this into consideration when booking.

Jagua gel is quite expensive and goes off (stops staining) pretty quickly, so I need to buy it fresh for each application. I will need about a week's notice in order to get the gel.


Daily Mail (Paper and Online) - Sandra Howard temporary tattoo (Read article) December 2013

Sandra Howard showing off her Jagua tattooSandra Howard having jagua tattoo applied