Face Painting


Face Painting is an extremely close contact activity, and is the highest risk level according to Government advice. I have decided not to offer face painting until 2021. 

For socially distanced outdoor parties I can do Balloon Twisting, Bubbleology and Glitter Tattoos (Leg or arm only). 



 What you get when hiring a professional face painter like Kat:

  • Fast - each child's face painted in 5 minutes or less!
  • Amazing - quality artwork your guests will talk about for weeks!
  • Creative - able to come up with brand new unique designs on the spot!
  • Experienced - 15 years experience painting every design imaginable!!

The main brand of face paint that I use is called Grimas Pure, which has a Category A safety rating in Denmark, whose requirements for cosmetics are stricter than those in the EU, UK and US, so you can be sure that it is the safest face paint! 

I have a 2 hour minimum booking time for parties, in that time I can paint 24 full faces with maximum detail and glitter, or a larger number of small designs (cheek art or 1-eye designs). 

For parties with 15 children or less why not have a combination of face painting and either balloon modelling or glitter tattoos?

Click here to make a booking.

For Bespoke Individual Facepainting designs and Cosplay please click here.

Please note that Halloween is a very busy time of year, I am often booked over 2 months in advance. Click Here for Halloween Available Times

Here are some of my recent on-the-job face painting pictures. All these faces are done by myself in under 5 minutes. Check my Instagram for more! https://www.instagram.com/katkraftuk/

Montage of face painting designs, dragon, rabbit, batman, butterfly, dinosaur, tiger

face paint flowers glitter eye design